In the distinctive Belgrade ambiance packed with hunter's secrets that, thanks to the displayed rifles and belts, the venison gallery and the choice of colors, resembles a natural forest environment, our guests enjoy a "cup of warm friendly conversation", in an oasis of almost forgotten serenity, satisfaction and enjoyment. "Lovac" offers a relaxed homely atmosphere with hints of bohemia, skilled waiters and the national cuisine, that many consider as one of the best in town - the right measure for the restaurant. The restaurant is located on the corner of the streets Njegoševa and Alekse Nenadovića, just a few steps away from the city commotion, which can not be felt in our garden at all. One of the biggest and most beautiful restaurant gardens in Vračar, with a thick shade of the old lime tree, is a pleasant ambiance, filled with the taste of food and a rich assortment of drinks.

We are particularly proud of the specialty "Charcoal on the table", on which we serve mixed meat, served on a small hot charcoal grill that is brought to the table. Thanks to the long tradition in the preparation of venison in the special dip and the secrets of our chefs, you will definitely enjoy the "Hunter's basket", deer fillet on chestnut puree and homemade hunter's sausages. In addition to venison, it is said that we have the best kebab in town, the best gourmet burger and roast that melts in your mouth. With good food, good drinks are a must - high quality local wines with soda and a large selection of local spirits. Our advice is to finish your dining pleasure with "Tito's cream cake from Bled", "Tufahije" or "Šnenokle". Welcome!